BIA + Mirai Aidilfitri Open House 2019

It was another full house event!

Last Thursday BIA, together with Mirai Energy Sdn Bhd, hosted an Aidilfitri open house for all members and visitors of the building industry. It was a packed event with almost half of the participants are new faces!

Nametags ready to be collected before the event

The night started by Leonard representing BIA to share and discuss on the topic “Guarantees to Get More Sales“, which touches on the possibility of using Warranties and Guarantees as a way for SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) to generate more sales. Things like “Money Back Guarantee“, “Lifetime Warranty“, “Free Service” and etc. are just some examples that businesses can use to enhance their marketing campaigns at minimum costs. The theory behind this is, current SMEs are already willing (and sometimes “forced”) to provide these additional services when dealing with customers in order to stay competitive with the big guys. So, why not make it official and get some more confidence from potential customers? We may even get some extra new sales when visit previous customers again.

Before ending the sharing session, Leonard asked the audience how tempting it is if BIA is to offer “Money Back Sales Guarantee” that all signed up members will get done deals of 17x the membership fee paid (that’s 1700% of return) ! Everyone wow at the claim and in fact, it is statistically true based on BIA’s past records of members achievements! In conclusion, it is a very effective marketing strategy that even SMEs can do it.

Presentation by Mirai Energy

Presentation by Nicole from Mirai Energy

After that, it was a products presentation by Nicole from Mirai Energy. She talked about her company specialises in Solar Power systems for residential and commercial projects. It is evident that they are capable of completing household solar power systems up to large scale factory requirements. For more information, please check out their website at

New Website of BIA

BIA New Website

Then, it was a short introduction of BIA by Leonard. As mentioned, there are many new features being added to website for the benefits of BIA members including jobs portal for members to post their vacancies, events portal to list all members events including promotions, sales and showroom openings. It will be a good place for end users to check out latest building industry promotions all in one place!

Finally, it’s time for the dinner and networking session that everyone was waiting for!

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