Building Industry Alliance (BIA) is a group that gathers building industry companies to grow together by promoting collaboration between members and leveraging on group strengths. It is a membership based group that started in Malaysia. Building industry related parties are encouraged to join, specifically those businesses who fall within these seven categories: Installer, Fabricator, Supplier, Manufacturer, Contractor, Consultant and Trader.

BIA Members (part of the 120 members and more)

BIA helps members to build up their exposure and credibility with trust and open systems. Business leads are being referred to members without commissions and members of the same trade are encouraged to form associates instead of treating each other as competitors. By doing so, BIA is able to cultivate healthy comparisons and a building industry that is beneficial to all.

With that in place, BIA also acts as a trusted platform for end users who need reliable contacts for their building needs, be it construction, renovation to interior design and furnishings. They are able to get profressional services without paying high costs to any middle man. It also eliminates any mis-communication between the user and service provider.

How’d it started…

First Casual Gathering

Leonard and team started an online chat group to gather building industry businesses back in April 2016. It was a casual setup with frequent gatherings just to network and know more about each others businesses. By just doing that, it has grown from zero to over 100 members in just one year! And the amount of businesses done within the group in that first year alone was a whopping RM1.3 Million!

From there, discussions on moving forward with the group started in early 2017 and the formation of BIA in mid august on the same year. The first shareholders meeting was held at a coffee shop in a shopping mall soon after that, and the official launch of BIA was finally held in September 2017. And, as they say, the rest is history!

BIA Launch Event

“Building People, Building Business, Building Society”

BIA aims to raise the competency level across the building industry by becoming the standard bearer to empower businesses towards resilience and best practices for serving the wider community. This can be achieved with everyone on the same mindset and support the movement together. With that, BIA welcomes you!