BIA Group Chat Rules and Policies

1) You may introduce yourself in the group with proper name, namecard (softcopy) and your business (specialisation, years of experience etc.)

2) Sensitive topics like politics, religion, racism and sexual are not allowed.

3) Links to videos are recommended instead of posting the actual videos.

4) Keeping picture postings of maximum two per day (business card, motivational quote, product info, project site photos etc.)

5) Advertisement & promotion of your products & services is limited to 1 per week only.

6) Do not post on behalf/help friends forward their advertisements.

7) Do not criticise people in the group and no negative comments. Likes, encouragement & positive notes are encouraged instead.

8) If you have issues with any members, you may take it outside of this group.

9) Avoid negative/destructive posts, stay positive all the time. Post constructive & positive messages only.

10) Post in English only. If in other languages, please include English translation.

11) No posting between 11pm to 6am Malaysia Time Zone.

12) If you engaged with someone on certain topics/interests, kindly private message (PM) each other.

13) Do not forward messages from unreliable sources. Kindly double check its validity before posting.

14) Encourage to post any related info regarding the building industry including business news, financial news, investment updates, world/local news, good articles from newspapers/magazines, education news for personal & professional developments.

15) If you like the group, you may invite others to join by referring them to admin.

16) Offering of Referral fee/Commission sharing is not monitored. Admin is not liable for any disputes of default in payments & will not interfere of any conflicts arising thereof.

17) If you are interested in other member’s products / services, kindly PM each other.

18) Invitation to events, functions, business presentations, investment previews, networking is allowed. But only from registered organizations, regulated industries, licensed operators. Admin is not liable of any damages.

19) Members’ namecards/contacts info are for networking & referring, not hunting/spamming, no touting/soliciting.

20) Members are encouraged to build trust first, then business will come.

21) If you choose to leave, please do it properly by giving permission to Admin to remove you.

22) Members are encouraged to keep track of business referrals received in this group and announce it for others to understand your capabilities and build credibility.