In BIA, our mission is to gather building industry businesses and raise the competency level across the industry by leveraging on network and teamwork.

Firstly, BIA provides a universal place for members to interact with each other almost instantly. It is one of the most sought after benefit of BIA as the ability to source for suppliers or service providers quickly is very crucial in business. Members post their requests online and others will help out to either provide that service themselves or suggest others.

BIA Members get along with others by coming out and meeting each other physically, so we can “put a name to a face”. It could be lunch, afternoon tea or even happy hours gatherings. By knowing other members closer, we build trusts among ourselves and naturally will have better business relationships too.

Members Business Presentation

BIA also facilitates the opportunity for members to promote their businesses by having exclusive business presentation for each member. They get to present their ideas or new products to peers in the same industry. This also includes corporate visitations as members showcase their factory or showroom.

In order to promote members services further, BIA is actively involve in major exhibition and organising public events like Member Warehouse Sales, and most of the time it is at no additional costs to BIA members. These can only be achieved by leveraging on group strength and joined efforts.

BIA emphasises alot on Business to Business (B2B) collaborations, especially between members and same trades. We see other same professions as our potential collaborators and not competitors.

“BIA is a resourceful n helpful platform for me to gain referrals from my power team. Thanks to BIA, I’m now collaborating with the contractors n IDs to work together for many bungalow projects.”

Tennie Chea
Chea Ngai Hoong Nursery

Charity Event during Raya 2018

Besides doing business, one of the three core values of BIA is giving back to the society. BIA believes that everyone is part of the society and by helping each other, we can keep it moving and improve the lives around us.

Happy Building!